Befla assumes the client submits and accepts the terms and responsibilities described in this declaration . Similarly Befla reserves the right to make changes without notice, so that the client agrees to review this section periodically.


Befla guarantees the information confidentiality of planning, functionality and content of the project to develop, during the duration of the project or contract and later. This information will not be shared with third parties or groupings.

Technical Support

Befla provide from the date of hire, technical assistance for the development and functionality of the contracted services .

Reliability of Contents

Befla is not responsible for the reliability of the information or materials that make up the contents of the websites that develops . This reliability is the responsibility of the client who hires Befla services .

Befla therefore not responsible for any damage arising from the use of Website Development.

Payment and Terms :

The customer must cover at ADVANCE by bank deposit, transfer or any other as agreed previously with Befla.

Means of Payment

Befla reserves the right to suspend or terminate the services provided in case that the client has not covered the pay on the dates previously agreed upon in the contracts.

Termination and Cancellation of Service:

The customer may terminate the services contracted, notifying with a month in advance for any written or electronic mode, without specifying a reason, as long as you respect the billing periods and liquidating payments for the contracted service. If the client wishes to cancel a service contract before closing period the prescribed accounts must be liquidated, before the court date.

Befla reserves the right to refuse, discontinue or cancel activities with the client if it considers that the client’s activities violate the terms of the policy or if has intend or risk of harm.


The hosting services that provides Befla may be used only for lawful purposes. It prohibits any transmission, storage, or presentation of information, data or material in violation of any federal, state or regional where the service is rendered . Customer assumes responsibility to indemnify and safeguard to Befla from any claims and the damages generated as a result of misuse of the service .

Befla prohibits sites and links that promote any illegal activity or contain information that could damage the Internet servers. Befla reserves the right to determine which contents or clients violates this provision.

The electronic mass mailing or spamming is prohibited and Befla reserves the right to determine when a customer incurs in this practice.

Maintenance Suspension

Befla is authorized to realize suspensions in hosting service when deemed necessary to carry out any maintenance on the servers, all this in order to improve or restore service in case of failure .

Support and protection of Information:

Befla realize backs or copies the contents of the servers or server where the client has hosted the website and all contents .
Befla is not be liable for accidental loss of information that occurs due to causes outside Befla.

IP addresses:

Befla is responsible for the IP addresses that are generated from services provided to the Client and can change them without notice and at any time.

Befla Contents:

Everyone logos, pictures, names and contents of the Befla’s website are the property of Befla and no client is allowed to use them without permission.