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Become a Domain Reseller

Domain reseller can be worthwhile – we’ll show you how this can be

Sales expansion as domain reseller
Larger ISPs, direct contracts with the major NICs (= Network Information Center) have, resellers offer an additional source of income through the sale of more than 100 worldwide domain name as a domain reseller. This sustaining the reseller of domains a sales commission, eg in the form of the difference between the cheaper purchase price for the domain reseller and the final price for the consumer.

Regular repeat business for the domain reseller without additional effort
As the domain fee accrues new year again, a domain reseller a regular, annual income can obtain through a unique sales promotion without additional expenditure of labor or cost, depending on the agreement with the provider.


  • Domain Registration for the purchase price of more than 800 TLDs (Top Level Domains)
  • Low package fee
  • Convenient unlimited package for managing your product page
  • Unlimited user-friendly management
  • Free use of name servers (for at Befla registered domains)
  • SOAP interface for DNS and domain orders
  • E-mail interface
  • CSV-Export
  • Reseller Capable (create additional sub-accounts)
  • Mass Domain Transfer
  • Automated zone management
  • DNS zone management
  • Zone bulk import
  • Transfer services for portfolios or larger stocks
  • 24/7 Support

Domain Prices

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All domain prices are plus VAT. Prices for Premium domains (e.g. .TV) on request. After a successful registration or transfer a domain will be billed for the contract period. “Restore” is the reactivation of a domain from the Redemption Grace Period (RGP). Here you can find the current Registration conditions and guidelines of the related registry.


Minimum contract period none
Method of payment monthly, quarterly, semiannually, annually
Discount (annual payment) -20%
Discount (semiannually payment) -10%
Discount (quarterly payment) -5%
One-off Setup Fee free of charge

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